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Tutelage help Afterschool Learning Enrichment

Tutelage help Afterschool Learning Enrichment

At Tutelage, we will establish a dedicated skill set and

step-by-step schedule for your child’s success: 

• Identifying Your Child’s Learning Needs:

Tutelage assessment tools will pinpoint the root of the problem and establish a dedicated plan for one-on-one tutoring as well as other tools and techniques, to raise your child's achievement level.

• Individualized Plan:

We establish a dedicated learning program for your child’s academic success based on the skills set, tools and techniques your child needs.

• Esteem building skills:

Tutelage provides the skills and tools that will let your child:

• Gain confidence and self-esteem
• Have a positive mental attitude
• Feel accomplished in class and in school
• Win win for everyone:

Tutelage believes in teamwork.  We will partner with:

• You, the parent
• School teachers (with your permission)

We will evaluate your child’s progress at each level

Success with Tutelage lies in following the established skills, tools and techniques in a focused manner

• Assessment:

Your child’s initial assessment will help us design a program
• Placement:

Tutelage will place your child according to your child’s specific needs;
• Ono-on-one tutoring session
• Group learning program
• Independent study sessions
• Learn as you go approach:

Our dedicated program will challenge your child each day, encouraging your child to keep up with the workload

• Perfect Practice makes Perfect;

Tutelage requires perfect scores tailored to your child’s actual text books.

• Providing a comfort level and familiarity while working in class.
• Helping your child in test-taking
• Improve your child’s grades
• Take your child to the next level in their academic success