Tutelage® IT Solutions

Tutelage® IT Solutions

Tutelage® IT Solutions is a sister concern of Tutelage® centers LLC [Tutelage LLC]

Tutelage® IT Solutions is a fast growing professional consulting services organization (PCSO) that specializes in helping companies all over the world across a variety of industries, make use of people process and technology more effectively than ever before. 

Tutelage's pioneering approach to staffing consulting and outsourcing keeps the company a step ahead.

We focused on providing our clients with all the resources to implement all phases of the SDLC successfully. We provide innovative business software solutions to make our clients business effective and efficient, thereby providing the greatest return on investment.

Our most valuable asset and strength is over employees. The time and effort we evolve in filtering our team is immense and credible. We deliver high-performing best quality excellently skilled IT professionals from all around the world to get to the IT industry. Our employees are our major strength, which means our clients benefit from a well-trained, consciousness, and diligent workforce. Tutelage’s growing team offer talented and technically savvy professionals who can resolve the most critical IT issues for your enterprise.


Our Vision Is to be recognize as:

  1. A preferred provider off technical services, and integrated system solutions, and technology products. I diverse team of talented professionals with expertise in all areas of information systems.
  2. An employer of choice, fostering a culture that values commitment, resources, and solutions improvement.
  3. Strive to accomplish a customer service interface in the IT sector. Excel in IT recruitment and be an I T recruitment powerhouse.


Our Mission

  1. To be the leading, innovative and dynamically growing organization in the information technology and communication sector to deliver, sustained shareholder value.
  2. Provide innovation businesses software solutions to make our client’s businesses effective and efficient and become employer of choice.


Our Values

  1. Customer service.
  2. Leading changes.
  3. Professionalism and diligence.
  4. Research and development.


Our Strength

  1. Quality service with and of our professionalism.
  2. Trained and skilled professionals.
  3. Extremely diligent individuals who will help enhance our client’s products and services.
  4. Competitive pricing due to low overhead cost.


Our Deliverables

  1. Project implementations.
  2. IT equipment and marketing services.
  3. IT software and consulting solutions.
  4. Managing and implementations of complete software and hardware solutions.
  5. Deploying qualified and skilled consultants as a project resource.
  6. QA project outsourcing.
  7. Deploying IT solutions especially in DWH, SAP, QA, markets on time and with precision.


Service Area

  1. E-business consulting.
  2. E-commerce and Internet services.
  3. Enterprise resource planning.
  4. Supply chain management.
  5. Customer relationship management.
  6. Business intelligence.
  7. Enterprise application integration.
  8. Mobile computing. Banking (third-party solutions that covers entire logistic off the banking industry) financial services.


We Offer

  1. Complete SDLC implementation.
  2. Full cycle of implementation of QA projects, both manual and automated.
  3. Full cycle of implementation of DWH project.
  4. Strategy and roadmap formulation.
  5. Assessment and evaluation.
  6. Solution architecting and problem-solving.
  7. Solution building are infiltrating.
  8. Analytics design and implementation.
  9. Infrastructure development and management upgrade/migration services.
  10. Operations, maintenance and support services.


We Provide

  1. Various IT related services.
  2. We have Google expertise in cross modular functionalities that include; Mortgage, Banking, Telecom, Finance, Human resources and sales and distribution.


Our Recruitment Style

Recruitment is a styles that has to be possessed and cultivated with the experience with most communicative skills and sourcing out perfect candidate for the job well done developed various recruitment techniques to implement highly efficient and the most successful methodologies.

We use R I AC method for recruitment: 

R: Understanding Requirement in other words that client’s needs.

I: Identify and tracking best creative candidate sourcing with accuracy of skills set required by the client.

A: Avoid common pitfalls of the market and coming up with innovative ideas.

C: Deliver the one that fits the best and at the best Cost per hire basis.


Our Marketing

Marketing is a strategy that can allow an organizations to concentrate its resources on sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantages. We have a dynamic marketing team both in United States and in Pakistan specializing in various IT sectors.

Our marketing team being the dynamic force in IT marketplace different roles from:

  1. Maintaining client relationship.
  2. Individual effort for each candidate.
  3. Focus on candidate’s strength and profile.

For more information please contact us at info@tutelageit.com or

call (929) 244-0787


We consistently lookout for talented professional in various IT sectors like:

  1. Senior oracle developers.
  2. Business/management analyst.
  3. Program analyst.
  4. Network specialist.
  5. Business Analyst/Database administrators.
  6. Financial Analyst.
  7. Software Engineer.
  8. System Analyst.
  9. Computer System Analyst.
  10. Oracle Application Specialist.
  11. Siebal Analytics.
  12. PeopleSoft professionals.
  13. Data stage developers.
  14. Junior QA testers.
  15. Junior business analyst.
  16. BA/QA / SAP/ DA/ BO/ DBA/ SQL

 Forward your resume to careers@tutelageit.com