Program Director

Program Director

Academic Program Director - General Education

Location: CT

Position Responsibilities:The Academic Program Director leads and directs the academic unit and provides the primary management and oversight to carry out the Tutelage mission that 'provides students one-on-one and study hall setting Math, Reading and academic enrichment ' The Academic Program Director, working with and through others, has primary responsibility to plan, organize, lead and control the academic progress of students; to ensure the efficient hiring, management and supervision of full, part-time and adjunct faculty; and to conduct the academic affairs .Responsibilities:• Leads with integrity.

Establishes current and future needs to fill program needs; initiates and drives General Education faculty hiring.

Assigns subject matter classes to instructors considering load, qualifications, and scheduling constraints.

Conducts classroom observations and yearly performance review.

Coaches faculty in order to improve classroom presentation, test-making, grading skills, and classroom management; and mentors faculty on appropriate methods to achieving student success.

Develops short-term (tactical) goals and objectives to achieve strategic goals, and aligns tactical and strategic goals with the Tutelage mission statement.

Designs and implements a Student and Faculty Retention plan; monitors retention of students and faculty within the program.

Demonstrates fiscal responsibility through researching, preparing, administering, and monitoring department budget.

Recruits, schedules, and conducts Advisory Board meetings.

Contributes to Tutelage through participation and leadership in Participatory Governance Committees (PGP), HLC Criterion Committees, and various Ad Hoc committees; and encourages departmental faculty to be actively involved to drive initiatives.

Reviews and evaluates academic program progress; represents the program throughout the administrative and academic structure of Tutelage; initiates and implements program improvements through PGP.

Develops and implements, with faculty and academic administrators, relevant Learning Outcome Goals and the appropriate assessments to measure them; monitors progress of student learning outcomes and make improvements as needed.

Administers student related assessments at appropriate time.

Provides academic support to students, and is available for other departments in order to provide quality customer service.

Enforces Tutelage disciplinary policies and serves as a bridge between the Faculty and Student Discipline system.

Promotes an environment that encourages cooperation, collaboration, and creativity to advance collaborative efforts with various academic departments.

Participates in community service, professional organizations, and serves on outside community committees, task forces, boards, etc. to enhance relationships between Tutelage and the community.

Job Requirements Years of Experience: A combination of practical work experience and teaching experience totaling at least 5 years preferably with teaching experience in a regionally accredited school.Management Experience: A minimum of at least 2 years of direct management and supervisory experience, preferably in a regionally accredited school.Education: Master's Degree or higher in relevant, liberal arts discipline.Competencies:

Integrity and Credibility

Written and Oral Communication skills

Leadership skills

Analytic skills

Problem Solving skills

Presentation skills

Time Management skills

Organizational skills

Financial Management skillsWe offer competitive compensation and an excellent benefit package.

Qualified candidates ONLY - apply online for consideration and the potential opportunity to work with a dynamic and growing company.

Tutelage is EOE