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Tutelage is here for your children's education

Tutelage is here for your children's education


What is Tutelage?

Tutelage is a unique after school one -on-one study hall which offers math, reading enrichment and home work help programs. Tutelage helps children to manage their time and organize them to finish their homework. Tutelage builds special skill-sets and proficiencies necessary to be successful in academia. At Tutelage your children will be inspired.

What is the right time/grade for Tutelage programs?

At this time Tutelage is accepting enrollments from grade two and higher.

How will I know which level is best for my child?  

Tutelage has established an assessment system which determines an appropriate starting level. Starting at the right level encourages students and makes them more comfortable with their studies.

How long will it take until Tutelage program works?

Each child is different; some children learn quicker than others. At Tutelage, educational support is a need based program. In most cases children appreciate the effectiveness of the program in six months to a year. Many children may need to stay with Tutelage for years.

How does Tutelage differ from other programs?

Tutelage is one-on-one and study hall setting program, where each child is been given fully required attention. Tutelage develops the habits of responsibility and organizational skill-sets which help students to improve their academic performance. The skill-set your child learns at Tutelage goes a long way with your child into his/her professional career

What is a normal work week look like for the students at Tutelage?

For most students at Tutelage one-two hours twice a week is a normal schedule. In case your child needs more regular homework help that can be easily scheduled according to his/her needs.

Does Tutelage offer preparation for standardized tests?

Though special enrollment is available for some students who wish to prepare for standardized tests, we are confident that the skill-set your child will develop with the Tutelage program will enable your child to prepare at his/her own for standardized tests.