Tutelage help in education enrichment, K-12 students, learning Math, English

Tutelage help in education enrichment, K-12 students, learning Math, English

Tutelage makes a difference with the skills that matter

the most in scholastic accomplishments. 


At Tutelage we establish an individualized skill set, keeping in mind the needs of each student.

Tutelage helps students make a plan to organize from inside out, excel in time management, increase memory skills and study at their own pace in order to reach the pinnacle of their studies in school and beyond.

• Elementary school (grades 2 - 5)

With an individualized skill set, younger students achieve the best academic results.

Does your child take three times longer than expected to finish his/her homework?  Does your child lack focus? Do you know that elementary school age is the best age to develop good organizational and time management skills?  Does your child have anxiety over tests and quizzes?  Let Tutelage help your child develop the skill sets that will boost his/her confidence and take his/her grades to the next level.

• Middle and junior high school (grades 6 - 8)

 An Improved skill set boosts your child's confidence at middle school age.

Is your child a good hardworking student?  Does he/she have a hard time prioritizing his/her work?  A well-defined skill set is needed for well-defined scholastic achievements.  Great study skills are important to your child’s success at every grade level and can have a dramatic impact on school performance.  Professionals at Tutelage establish a focused skill set for each student to enhance productivity in homework and maximize test results. 

• High school (grades 9 and up) 

Tutelage develops the skill set for adolescents to have a sense of responsibility that will lead to a desire to succeed in life.

Does your child struggle for good grades?  Does your child have a hard time concentrating?  Does your child have problems focusing?  Do you see anxiety in your child before a big test or college entrance exam?  Is your adolescent a good student but having problems organizing his/her time?  Tutelage experts work with your teenager to identify the problem and establish a skill set for your child that will help in achieving academic success in high school and beyond. 

• Skills management

At Tutelage,  we individualize a plan from the following skill sets and tactics:

Organization:  How to make a plan and work on the plan? We emphasize prioritization, mind-body integration, setting realistic goals and teach how to achieve those goals.
Time management: Study planning, daily schedules, activity tracking system.  
Communication skills: Listening to understand, following directions.
Mental attitude: Stress management, problem-solving, creative thinking, effectively handling concepts and acting upon them,   multitasking
Achieving and surpassing previous test scores: Multiple choice and essay tests

At Tutelage, we will establish a dedicated skill set and step-by-step schedule for your child’s success: 

• Identifying Your Child’s Learning Needs:

Tutelage assessment tools will pinpoint the root of the cause and establish a dedicated plan for one-on-one tutoring as well as other tools and techniques, to raise your child's achievement level.

• Individualized Plan:

We establish a dedicated learning program for your child’s academic success based on the skill set, tools and techniques your child needs.

• Esteem building skills:

Tutelage provides the skill set and tools that will let your child:

• Gain confidence and self-esteem
• Have a positive mental attitude
• Feel accomplished in class and in school
• Win win for everyone:

Tutelage believes in teamwork.  We will partner with:

• You, the parent
• School teachers (with your permission)

We will evaluate your child’s progress at each level

Success with Tutelage lies in following the established skill set, tools and techniques in a focused manner
• Assessment:

Your child’s initial assessment will help us design a program
• Placement:

Tutelage will place your child according to your child’s specific needs;
• Ono-on-one tutoring session
• Group learning program
• Independent study sessions 
• Learn as you go approach:

Our dedicated program will challenge your child each day, encouraging your child to keep up with the workload

• Perfect Practice makes Perfect;

Tutelage requires perfect scores tailored to your child’s actual text books.

• Provide a comfort level and familiarity while working in class.
• Help your child in test-taking
• Improve your child’s grades
• Take your child to the next level in their academic success